About Lilac & Berries by Michelle

Specialising in effective skincare from Korea that is cruetly free and gentle on skin.

Our Story – About Lilac and Berries

Lilac and Berries is a boutique Asian skincare destination created with the sole intention of sourcing unique and innovative skincare products that are effective, high quality, and gentle on skim.

Lilac and Berries was founded on the mission of offering Korean skincare that works to Australia and New Zealand.

Korean skincare products have become very popular around the world due to its great effectiveness and affordable prices.

There are millions of different Korean beauty products available on the current market and new products are coming up every single day.

It becomes tricky to pick the perfect Korean skincare products for your own skin type.

Founder of Lilac and Berries – Michelle, has suffered from acne and extreme skin sensitivity throughout her whole life. She was introduced to Korean skincare in 2013 and the decision to switch to Korean beauty has changed her skin dramatically. In September 2016, Michelle decided to open up Lilac and Berries as a channel where she can offer high quality Korean skincare products and advice to all skincare lovers here in Australia and New Zealand.

At Lilac and Berries, we do not follow trends or profits, we simply love to offer Korean skincare products which we know they work and they do not contain harmful ingredients to the skin. We test the quality and effectiveness of all the products before they are launched on the website and introduced to our customers.

We take pride in being the first company to introduce many of the high quality Korean brands you see on our website.

We thank you everyone for being a part of this journey in discovery and we hope you have as much fun as we do. Be happy and keep smiling!