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10 Step Korean Skincare Routine Necessary?

Today, I want to open up a discussion regarding to a huge trend in skincare industry called The 10-step Korean skincare routine.

If you are an avid fan of K-beauty, you would have seen a numerous number of articles about the 10-step Korean skincare routine.

So what is it and how it gets popular?

The name 10-step Korean skincare routine has explained there are 10 steps involved in the routine. Each of the products is applied by patting gently onto the skin with your finger or cotton pads. The steps include oil cleansing, water-based cleansing, exfoliation, toning, essence, treatments, sheet masks, eye cream, moisturizer, sun protection.

People tend to the believe the 10-step Korean skincare routine is the reason of Korean women' flawless skin.

My thoughts on this current trend

In my opinions, involving the number of steps or a certain routine are not the main keys to achieve your desired skin. The important fact comes down to knowing your skin and choosing the suitable skincare products.

I have problematic skin with hormonal acne. Recently, I have been trying to minimize my daily routine by cutting down the number of products included in my routine and really focusing on the actual products that I know they work best for my skin condition. I also decide to go for multi-functional products which can help to minimize my routine but still assist me to achieve my ultimate skin goal. I called this my skincare diet.

My final verdict

I wouldn't say the 10-step Korean skincare is a myth and it doesn't work because there are a lot of people experience dramatic improvements on their skins when following the routine. I would say skincare is super personal and only you know what works best for your skin. At the end of the day, listening to your skin and understanding what it needs are the keys to a successful skincare routine.

What do you guys think about the 10-step Korean skincare routine? What is your current skincare routine?

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