Mamonde Rose Water Toner 150ml

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Mamonde rose water toner contains 90.89% Damask rose water which brings excellent moisturizing and calming effects to your dry and dull complexion.
The toner is produced in low temperature with extra high voltage rose water process as a result, all harmful ingredients such as mineral oils, animal oils and synthesis pigment are eliminated.
This toner is a perfect choice for those with dry and dehydrated skin due to its excellent moisturizing, calming and healing effects in every drop.

Size : 150ml

How to use:

There are 5 different ways to use this amazing toner:

1. After cleansing, sock a cotton pad with this toner and sweep your face.

2. Spray frequently as a moisturizer mist

3. Soak with a sheet mask or gauze and apply as soothing pack. Leave on your skin for 10 to 15 minutes when dryness is severe.

4. Pour in an empty bottle with facial oil in 7:3 ratio to use as an oil mist.

5. Soak rose water toner to a sponge that applies makeup base and start to apply your makeup for extra moisturizing effect.s


Rose extract, Butylene glycol, plum tree, lotus extract, glycerin, ethylhexylglecerin, cerbomer, tromethamine, phenoxyethanol, fragrance

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